Why I still keep a diary in my 20s

Although many kids tend to grow out of their diary-writing days, I — on the other hand — still fill most of my nights with pages and pages of entries to this day. Even at 22 years old, I keep a diary within close range, although I have definitely graduated passed puppies and pink feathers.
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Word oasis, opened

Laminated Ink

As I shift to the infinite online universe, this corner of the internet is like my public diary — or, at its best, the entries I wish to share with you.
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history of diary writing importance

In defense of the expression of mundane life

When I look back on these years of college, I seem to remember most vividly the explosions of feelings: the incredible successes and the even more spectacular failures. However, if I’m more discerning, I know that most of my time was not spent in these peaks or troughs, but instead in steady moments of content or discontent, not noticing that time was passing at all. 
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Notes from my journal: “To me, he was freedom”

3/24/15 My perfect home would be a house, on one of those quieter residential streets, like Parker, but not too far away. It would be old and creaky and wooden, medium blue with pink shutters. It would be a loving house – lots of home-cooked meals, lots of books and
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Notes from my journal: Seasons of Selfhood

When I was about 8 years old, I realized I sucked at writing and promptly abandoned my dream of becoming a poet. But for someone who perpetually promises to never write down any of her stupid thoughts, I sure have a lot of pocket-sized notebooks.
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Notes from my journal: Things I learn while lying down

“Notes from my journal” is a series in which contributors share excerpts from their private journals, diaries and notebooks. Lists! They seem to force themselves on me. Lists. Like my day will be more concrete if I write on my notes app on my iPhone or — better yet! —
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