Incumbent Sophie Hahn leads race for Berkeley City Council District 5 seat

Photo of Sophie Hahn
Sophie Hahn/Courtesy
Sophie Hahn, the incumbent candidate for Berkeley City Council’s District 5 seat, has focused on housing issues since being elected in 2016. If reelected, as she is projected to be, with 76.66% of the vote as of press time, Hahn hopes to continue to focus on housing, as well as climate change in the Bay Area.

As mail-in ballots continue to be counted, Sophie Hahn, the incumbent for Berkeley City Council District 5, is projected to be reelected, with 76.66% of the vote as of press time, defeating Todd Andrew and Paul Darwin Picklesimer, who currently have won 19.08% and 3.96%, respectively.
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Illustration of Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín.

Vote Jesse Arreguín for Berkeley mayor

CITY AFFAIRS: Here is The Daily Californian's 2020 endorsement for mayor of the city of Berkeley

Arreguín has served as mayor with respect and awareness, and he will only improve to better support the city of Berkeley.
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