Megha Ganapathy mug

DVDs and Defamiliarization

Cutting Room Floor

At every painstaking step in the DVD watching process, I am reminded that I am watching a film, just like Shklovsky would have intended.
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Society’s fear of heights

Sex on Tuesday

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the bio, “6’1” ’cause I guess that matters.” And you know what? It kind of does matter. But it’s not our fault.
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Photo of Mara Wilson in Matilda

The main character is white: A personal essay

At that time, being Chinese was just a part of who I was, a culture and language I was proud of. As one of the only Asian kids in my grade, I knew most kids at school didn’t bring sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves for lunch or recite Li Bai’s poems at Saturday school. 
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Illustration of an RV, through a following car's dashboard window.

The freedom of an open road

I remember driving through the winding roads of the Washington mountains and Oregon hills, the smell of oak and cedar trees filling my senses and a giddiness in my stomach, a relief. A relief only brought by the freedom of the open road.
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