Encampment clearing does not end houselessness

The city of Berkeley needs to recognize that encampments beside Interstate 80 often occurred as a result of the city’s lack of responsibility for providing housing alternatives, while trying to maintain a “safe” city look by pushing out the unhoused population – leaving them no where else to go.
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Illustration of an individual nervously walking across the glade holding a piece of paper.

UC Berkeley must invest in the future of its students

A California Supreme Court intervention on the enrollment freeze, as financially relieving as it may be, will not address campus’s postponement of long-term solutions for short-term population increases.

Reducing the student population goes against the UC system’s commitment to leveling the playing field for students from diverse backgrounds.
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Sen. Scott Wiener’s housing bill fails to meet Berkeley’s needs

STATE ISSUES: The senator’s bill would provide more housing, but fails to address affordability

State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, recently introduced a controversial housing bill that would provide a badly needed jump-start to building housing in Berkeley. But it needs to provide for greater protections against displacement.
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A language of one’s own

“Do you speak English like them, like the Americans?” my grandmother asked, puzzled, as though she had never contemplated the prospect before. “Yes, Grandma, I speak English like them, I actually study language. I write, too,” I responded, watching as the expression of bewilderment on her face grew into a
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