Incumbent Ben Bartlett leads race for Berkeley City Council District 3 seat

Photo of Ben Bartlett
Ben Bartlett/Courtesy
If reelected to Berkeley City Council’s District 3 seat, incumbent Ben Bartlett plans to continue building affordable housing in the city, establish Berkeley’s own Green New Deal and re-imagine public safety. As of press time, Bartlett holds 68.37% of the vote, with candidates Deborah Matthews and Orlando Martinez following with 25.03% and 6.08%, respectively.

Incumbent Ben Bartlett is projected to keep his seat as the District 3 Berkeley City Council member, with 68.37% of the vote as of press time.
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‘Out of line’: Berkeley City Councilmember Ben Bartlett brings up police salaries, own status during traffic stop

Bartlett, who represents District 3 in South Berkeley, was pulled over by Berkeley Police Department officer Stephanie Cole for allegedly running a red light July 19. He immediately identified himself as a City Council member, told Cole that he actively supported pay raises for Berkeley police officers and disclosed information about a closed-session City Council vote on officer contracts.
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