Israeli-Palestinian dispute over BDS breaks out on Sproul Plaza

More than 200 protesters held signs, waved flags and exchanged heated words Tuesday on Upper Sproul Plaza as multiple student groups, Bay Area residents and interested bystanders protested on both sides of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, addressing the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement directed at Israel. Matthew Campbell is
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Invest in the environment

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: In addition to moving is funds to sustainable investments, the university should gradually divest from fossil fuel companies.

On Wednesday, the UC Board of Regents refrained from taking the stance that many universities and other investors have: divesting from fossil fuel companies.
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Unity, not divisiveness

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Committee on University and External Affairs’ decision to postpone Senate Bill 11 indefinitely was the right thing to do.

On Monday, the ASUC Standing Committee on University and External Affairs indefinitely postponed a bill that addressed academic relations with Israeli institutions after some senators said the naturally divisive bill would hurt the long-term workability of the ASUC senate class.
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The Jewish community isn’t united against Mohabbat

As Jews, we are taught to be opinionated. From pronunciations of hummus to international politics, the phrase “Two Jews, three opinions” is true with often frustrating frequency. Given these varying opinions, when the Daily Cal runs an op-ed that makes categorical statements about the Jewish community and its values, it’s
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Divestment was hard to achieve

Last month, upon the death of Nelson Mandela, UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks released a statement asking us to “remember the special ties that will forever bind our campus to this man and his movement.” The chancellor called the Bay Area “the epicenter of the American anti-apartheid activity due, in
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