UC’s investments in fossil fuels are hurting the planet

Today, UC Berkeley and most institutions are financially invested in destroying our future. This may sound a little bit surprising to some — even unfounded. Let me explain. When it comes to climate change, the scientific community has presented a clear, unambiguous message: Human burning of fossil fuels — coal,
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Toward a calmer campus

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Department of Education ruling offers a valuable look at campus climate and sets a calmer tone.

Over the last few years, many have leveled charges that UC Berkeley is a hostile environment for Jewish and politically pro-Israel students. In dismissing a July 2012 complaint filed against the campus originating with two former UC Berkeley students, the Department of Education concluded these charges are without merit and
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Overstepping boundaries

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The discussion surrounding the appointment of UC Student Regent-designate Sadia Saifuddin was disrespectful and failed to focus on her qualifications.

When former ASUC senator Sadia Saifuddin was appointed to the position of UC student-regent designate at this month’s UC Board of Regents meeting, what should have been a conversation focusing on the candidate’s qualifications devolved into a shameful spectacle. The conversation to approve Saifuddin failed to assess her preparedness to
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Coming together for campus justice

Students for Justice in Palestine member discusses Birgeneau’s response to student assault

What does the marginalization of a large and diverse coalition of students look like? It looks something like Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s statement that was recently released in response to SB 160, the ASUC bill that calls for targeted divestment from companies complicit in Israeli apartheid and illegal settlement. Birgeneau explained
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Demanding transparency from the ASUC

New ASUC Senate, executive officials and staff need to take responsibility for their actions

With the passage of SB 160 on April 18, the UC Berkeley campus has been packed with people pointing fingers at their peers for the controversial decision. Even the Daily Cal has been going crazy about the vote, talking about how so-and-so was harassed by so-and-so and is now pointing
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