UC Berkeley desk art

Natalie Silver/Staff

Who we are during our deepest, darkest Main Stacks moments and during the indulgent periods of intense solitude we encounter when we take a dump is often expressed by a strong, shrieking voice in our heads that demands to be immortalized. The thoughts that make it to the public surfaces are
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20 UC Berkeley ways to reject a date

Whether it’s because you have huge commitment issues or because you just aren’t fond of the person who is asking you out, you need the perfect rejection that’s just ridiculous enough for the person not to ask you out again. Hopefully these excuses give off enough of the “wtf” factor that the
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Meet Cal’s mysterious wire sculptor

Pushing through Kroeber Hall’s enormous glass doors with a life-sized human wire sculpture in tow, Isabel Halpern contemplated the next place to display her senior art project. Over the last month, many students have noticed — and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — the bold and thought-provoking series of
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Unnatural police

CITY AFFAIRS: We hope a new countywide vice team does not focus on underage drinking. The student community is best handled by UCPD and BPD.

Punishments don’t always fit their crimes. At the end of finals week in May, students at the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity house were cited for underage drinking. We are not disputing the illegality of underage drinking — but the circumstances surrounding the incident are strange, suspicious and cause for alarm.
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