What’s in a name?

Off the Beat

I realized our names don’t define us — instead we fill them with our own identities. My name has nothing to do with my dad and I’ve reclaimed it as mine. In the end, I’ve decided I don’t need to change my name. I’m happy with just making it my own.
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The Poetry of Reality

Lost in Translation

Last summer I saw myself in a test tube. Watching my amateur-ly extracted DNA swirling in a glass tube, I remember panicking at the enormity of the situation. This was it. This was all there was to me. A strand of proteins and four letters with the ability to write
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The anatomy of a name

Mixed Feelings

And while my dad couldn’t control the balance of my facial features, he did give me the one concrete thing he could — his mother’s name, Hafsa, and his family name, Tatah. He gave them to me so I was always aware of the family I was a part of and had something to show for it.
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