Looking into Rumsfeld’s ‘knowns’ in new documentary

Though the “The Unknown Known” tries to compose a meaningful portrait of former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld through an interview between him and director Errol Morris, the documentary unfolds at Rumsfeld’s leisure. In the film, Rumsfeld claims to be a simple and virtuous man whose amazing career merely
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Documentary ‘The Sari Soldiers’ shows conflict through the eyes of women

Director Julie Bridgham discusses the process of filming and the focus on female points of view

Julie Bridgham’s 2008 documentary, “The Sari Soldiers,” showcased at the first annual Himalayan Film Festival in May of this year, is not unrealistically hopeful — nor is it wholly disillusioned to the prospect of social change. Rather, it attempts to unpack complexities of conflict by providing a fair scope of
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Jada Pinkett Smith dishes on new doc

‘Free Angela & All Political Prisoners’ pays homage to Angela Davis

It has been over 40 years since political activist and scholar Angela Davis landed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, but her story of perseverance and courage in the fight for civil rights is timeless. The upcoming documentary, “Free Angela & All Political Prisoners,” chronicles Davis’s lifework and her journey
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Documentary examines Oakland hospital

In the waiting room of Oakland’s Highland Hospital, there is much at stake.  Faces loom and hover, and almost always provoke.  Some are creased with lines of sorrow, others sag with fatigue, and a few glow with mirth.  This amalgam of emotions reflects what we undergo as we watch the
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