A timeline of 6 campus landmarks you might have missed

We all know Sather Gate, the Campanile and that statue of Pappy Waldorf — we’re pretty sure these campus symbols are featured in every brochure UC Berkeley has to offer. But what about all the other little tributes that mark our campus and recall its unique history? The adage “bigger isn’t
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The Daily Cal’s Guide to Acing Your Midterms

While this video won’t teach you how to memorize your organic chemistry textbook or solve differential equations in your sleep, it can help you in your quest to find the perfect study spot on campus. Tired of walking all the way to Main Stacks, only to find all the seats
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Your guide to campus libraries

Picking out the top 4 campus libraries to study in

If you ask the average UC Berkeley student how many libraries there are on campus, you will most likely receive a perplexed gawk and an incorrect answer. Amid the majestic allure of the Doe Library — Gardner Main Stacks and the North Reading Room — it can be incredibly easy
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A continuing undergrad’s musings on graduation

Commencement was a couple weeks ago, and as each department’s individual graduation ceremony — among many peppered throughout the week — has reached its end, the Golden Bear Class of 2013 has officially been sent off and transitioned to alumni status. Even though the major change has had a bit of time
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The Antlers perform on campus on 4/20

The Brooklyn based indie rock band The Antlers performed on the steps of Doe Library for hundreds of people relaxing on Memorial Glade on Saturday evening. The show was organized by SUPERB Productions.

Girl hit by arrow gains internet fame

Field trips may have been fun at one point in our lives. Now they’re just trips to Doe to check out how the incomprehensible cataloging system operates, or they’re light walks to the Campanile to admire some structural aspect of the singing bell tower — boring enough that you wish
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Symposium to be held on future of campus libraries

There will be a symposium Friday in Wheeler Hall to address the future of the various libraries on the UC Berkeley campus and how they ought to move forward. Initiated by the Commission on the Future of the UC Berkeley Library, the symposium aims to provide input for a re-envisioning
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An inside look at the Harlem Shake flashmob

Last semester, we got a much anticipated Cal “Gangnam Style” flash mob with Mario, Luigi and Toad sexying it up on Upper Sproul. So obviously, we needed another flash mob soon for whatever video would go viral next — and of course a trio of stellar Cal students delivered by
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