Illustrated Mug of Lauren Harvey


Better left unsaid

Often, I can relate to WILLOW’s contradictory impulses. It is one thing to admit to weakness; it is another to make room for help.
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Illustration about Barrows Hall

Campus must be proactive in addressing legacies of white supremacy

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: Despite unnaming Krober Hall and Barrows Hall, campus failed to follow through by removing work by these scholars from an exhibit celebrating the South and Southeast Asian community.

Only by openly admitting and reflecting on past mistakes can we move forward to create the campus students have desperately been demanding for years. 
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photo of columnist Geraldine Ang

Above it all

Your Secret Admirer

Even though our individual goals might be vastly different, we are all moving in the same direction — up. We are all subject to the perpetual human instinct to ascend, to improve, to reach for the stars.
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