‘Scrambling to get Wi-Fi:’ UC Berkeley suffers Wi-Fi connectivity difficulties

photo of a laptop with the wifi drop down menu
Matthew Gibson/Senior Staff
After an undetected system issue via system updates, campus's Wi-Fi connectivity issues serve as a barrier for students' academic rhythm and performance.

For UC Berkeley junior Monet Siroosian, the first few weeks of the fall semester have been riddled with a lack of reliable Wi-Fi connection in specific lectures, an inability to fill out in-class attendance forms and even difficulties taking a quiz.
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Our song

Kind of chaos

There is a tune that I would have described as “our song” while we were together, but it is entirely inappropriate for a wedding.
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Best of Berkeley: Campus 2019

Best building: Berkeley Way West UC Berkeley’s psychology, public health and education departments may have been disappointed to have to pack up their old offices when, in 2018, they were told they’d be moving to the new building on Berkeley Way. Little did these faculty and staff members know that
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