Lipstick-stained screen

All Growns Up

These women challenge the altar of systemic expectations. I know the women whose red kisses leave unwashable stains on the tapestry of society.
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‘Mad Men’ recap 7×11: ‘Time & Life’

As always, spoilers abound. On the bright side, Mad Men is now several months into 1970, and no one’s said the word “groovy” yet. On the not-so-bright side, episode 11 has us bid farewell to SC&P for once and for all: The agency is gone, dissolved into McCann-Erickson in a
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‘Mad Men’ recap 7×09: ‘New Business’

Leave it to “Mad Men” to air an episode called “New Business” as we teeter our way past the halfway point of the show’s final season. Teetering is also how we find our characters in episode nine: Don is caught between the end of a marriage and the beginning of
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‘Mad Men’ season premiere recap, discussion

Note: this review contains spoilers. “Mad Men” is back and greeting a new decade head-on. The year is 1970, the men are mustachioed, and at SC&P, it’s business as usual — which means a return to casual sex, casual sexism and the neverending exploits of Don Draper. The first of
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‘Mad Men’ review: Don really, really screwed up this time

A devastating revelation unfolds in 'Favors'

Well, it’s finally happened — Sally Draper, Don’s whip-smart and sassy tween daughter, has at last discovered what a philandering scumbag her father really is. While covertly removing an incriminating love letter from her neighbor’s apartment, Sally accidentally walked in on Mrs. Rosen engaging in a bit of thank-god-my-son’s-not-getting-drafted coitus
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