SF Ballet opens 2019 season with stunning ‘Don Quixote’

Inspired by author Miguel de Cervantes’ 17th-century book, this ballet originally premiered in 1869 in Moscow, Russia. In honor of the ballet’s 150th anniversary, SF Ballet’s current production is modeled closely after the original 1869 version choreographed by Marius Petipa.
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Thanks, Pennywise

All Growns Up

I had never been friends with people so different from me. Anything that could go wrong with your roommates had crossed my mind.
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Living a little outside the box

Two steps forward

As long as breaking a rule won’t endanger anything, including and especially my freedom to break rules, and as long as the result of breaking it will be more productive than following it, I say go for it.
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The Magic of Ballet: SF Ballet kicks off 2012 season

Nothing beats the magic of ballet. The thrill of classical music, the allure of romantic tales and eye-catching costumes, all intertwined with the most skillful, graceful and dramatic dance form. Going to the ballet is like experiencing aesthetic poetry set to music. And that is not to mention the exorbitant
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