UC Berkeley budget problems stem from state pressure

Campus issues: Revenue generation in Christ’s budget relies too heavily on benevolence and charity

Willow Yang/Senior Staff

Carol Christ has a clear philanthropy vision. In the Christ Administration’s budget for 2017–18, Christ and her team envision a campus in which donations are a primary source of revenue. Indeed, revenue generation was bandied about during the lead-up to the new budget. The plan reveals that revenue makes up
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Top 10 donors to Prop. 30

Gov. Jerry Brown’s campaign for Proposition 30 has raised more than $16 million in the last three months, filings released by the California Fair Political Practices Commission Friday show. Brown’s fundraising efforts trounced those of the primary group opposed to his initiative, which has brought in less than $2 million since July
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Future financiers

CAMPUS ISSUES: With UC alumni seemingly reluctant to give back, the question lingers ­— will current students one day donate?

With the state funding about 11 percent of the University of California’s budget, officials are turning to wealthy alumni. Campuses like UC Berkeley are investing in highly paid administrators to wine and dine those former Bears who maybe still bleed enough Blue and Gold to shed a little green for
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