Homelessness hits where it hurts

A look at the issue of being homeless on Southside

First they encamped a half-block away. Then, they moved closer, their flimsy mats and tattered blankets haphazardly covering them. Before blacking out from alcohol, they rock the block with merriment, obscenities and mutual contempt. That is some nights. The scene changes nightly. Sometimes they don’t show up. I live a
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Piercing the way to maturity

I got my belly button pierced in a fit of quasi-teenage rebellion on my 18th birthday. Most people allow having a needle jabbed through their abdomens to look cool, to have an excuse to show off their abs or to join the exclusive cult of the navel-pierced. But for me,
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Living in Berkeley

Which option will you choose?

1.Dorms Dorms are a fantastic place for new students to get their first taste of the diversity of our student body. In order to live in the dorms, you have to apply and will receive a housing offer which shows you which dorm you’ve been placed in. You are able
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Dear Berzerkeley newbies

Off the Beat

Oh, hey there, Spring 2012 admits. Welcome to Cal. I hope you had a safe trip getting here and that you were able to fit all your stuff into your tiny dorm room (Clark Kerr kids: yes, I know, you have huge rooms). As someone who was in your shoes
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Alcoholic awareness

The increase this year in alcohol-related casualty calls by students indicates the campus environment must change.

At universities nationwide, the same weary mantra plays out semester after semester — college students binge-drink in dorms and anywhere that will serve hard liquor. UC Berkeley is no different, and we recognize that this is to be expected, but the spike in students rushed to the hospital for alcohol
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