Have a hot girl summer

Sex on Tuesday

Photo of Khristina Holterman

When a woman wants to have casual sex, do we need a term for it? Are phrases like “hoe phase” or “hot girl summer” attempts to justify our sex lives?
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New Lulu app turns men into hashtags

Cultural Cadence

Thanks to the surging popularity of a new social networking app, Lulu, every fact about me can be permanently, digitally attached to my online identity for all to see. So yes, I do wear a burgundy robe sometimes. And yes, my mom does still do my laundry for me whenever
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So, what number am I?

During a recent homework break, I was browsing through a bunch of websites on which I like to waste time, and I stumbled upon a piece written because of the newly-released Anna Faris movie “What’s your number?” Although I had seen the movie’s trailer many times before, I had never paid
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