Sunday Streets event brings Bastille Day, pet parade to Downtown Berkeley

Amanda Ramirez/Senior Staff

Sunday Streets is a part of the international Open Streets Project, which aims to shut down high-traffic areas for the enjoyment of the public. Berkeley’s street festivities included a family Bastille Day celebration, the second annual Downtown Berkeley Pet Parade, and Cornerfest, an outdoor music concert hosted by Cornerstone Craft Beer & Live Music.
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Cal students holding a banner that reads "More affordable student housing" in front of Berkeley City Hall

Berkeley must remember that more housing is not the same as affordable housing

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley’s housing crisis has reached intolerable levels. Community members must actively advocate for affordability

Berkeley City Council approved the creation of a housing complex in Downtown Berkeley entirely at market-rate. Community members have blindly rallied around increased housing, without pushing for the affordability of those developments. What’s the point of building more housing if the people who need it the most can’t afford it?
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