Sweetgreen — as good as it sounds

Taylor Follett/Staff

We at the Clog love a few things. Specifically, we love journalism, crying over schoolwork via a journalistic platform, clogs and eating. With this in mind, we managed to drag our clogs far from our beloved Daily Cal office all the way to Shattuck Avenue and Haste Street to try the new salads at Sweetgreen and this time, instead of evaluating the atmosphere, we managed to actually order multiple salads. We bring to you, with very full stomachs, an evaluation of three of Sweetgreen’s most popular salads*.
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Grand opening of Uranus

WARNING: NSFW For some time, Berkeley has had three planetary-named restaurants in the Shattuck area: Jupiter, Saturn Cafe and Venus. Now there’s another challenger on the block about to open, and it’s going to be out of this world. Uranus, the hottest new restaurant on Shattuck Avenue, is having its grand opening
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