Venturing into vulnerability

American Pie?

We ought to venture inside, to see what vulnerability we can discover within ourselves without the performative exhibitionism encouraged by our world.
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Me, you and the Grinch

Views from the Outside

What else was I, a young child of color living in the very white Huntington Beach, California, meant to do with a character like the Grinch? I’d been conditioned up to this point to know that if a character was any color other than white, there was something about them that I’d internalize whether I liked it or not.
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A more better world

Some things are just meant to be together: Leo and Kate, hot wings and ranch, your left and right shoes. Some things, on the other hand, are just not. In the grammar world, that includes “more” and “-er.” Here are some examples to illustrate just how awful these two things
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“Seussical” falls short of expectations

The last time “Seussical the Musical” was performed in the Berkeley Playhouse, Teala Volkamer (Cindy Michoo Who) viewed the performance from a seat next to her parents in the audience. This time, the teenage Volkamer joined a cast that ranged from toddlers to adults and took the stage proving, in
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