How to deal with nightmares

Hannah Cooper/Staff

At UC Berkeley, we’re all much too familiar with the dreaded feeling of failing that next midterm or failing to convince the professor that we actually spent the minimum required 30 hours on a project that makes up a quarter of the final grade for the class. This is the nightmarish
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First quiz of the semester in a nightmare

On the night before your first quiz of the semester, you turn off the lights, happily snuggle into the sheets and hope for sweet dreams. Before your big day, however, you’re feeling a little anxious. Because this feeling quickly spirals out of control, you won’t be dreaming about cheerfully riding a unicorn into
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Deviant Dream

Deviant Dream: intellegencia queen Light, she is prone of it, she is immune to it. It drowns upon the faces of everyone else but she- But she — a deviant being, a socially deviant being. She done learnt to survive — cockroach ass human being! The light reject her because
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Rights for all, not for some

STATE ISSUES: Legislation focused on undocumented Californians who aren’t perfect will aid millions more and address painful stigmas.

Legislation aimed at immigration reform often focuses on granting rights to undocumented Americans who are exceptionally accomplished individuals. Just recently, California passed a bill that will enable undocumented Americans who pass the bar exam to practice law, and the widely discussed DREAM Act, now law in California, opens financial aid
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The history of CREAM

The C.R.E.A.M. family thanks the Berkeley community for their support

As CREAM’s three-year anniversary approaches, our family wanted to take this opportunity to share our story with you. Three years ago, our family came across the retail location at 2399 Telegraph. We saw a “For Lease” sign in the window and decided to call the number. A few months later,
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