Beyond the valley

Laid Bear

Like any other freshman, I weaved in and out of club tables on Sproul Plaza, desperate to find a community to call my own. Having no finance or business background and keen to know more, I went to the popular consulting clubs to learn more about their work, soon realizing
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Just an ordinary girl

Trial and Error

I was jumping up and down on my yellow bed with my pink plastic microphone in my hand, envisioning crowds screaming for me, singing along. I was in my own little concert entertaining millions. My dream at 11 years old was to be a singer, and even now that still
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If UC Berkeley students could control their dreams

Recently, a group of neuroscientists from Stanford and UC Berkeley discovered a way to switch dreams on and off simply by inserting a device that activates and inactivates nerves in the brain. This revelation has helped scientists better understand the neural activity that occurs in the state of being awake
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This is a beautiful party, I would like it to last forever

“I told her she was beautiful all her life. ‘Since birth — you’ve been beautiful since birth,’ I told her. ‘Your husband has such piercing blue eyes.’ ‘I know,’ she said. ‘That’s the reason I married him.’ ” My cousin sent my dad this text, and he, in turn, forwarded
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One does not simply go to Berkeley

During my freshman year, I felt as lost and lonely as an astronaut stuck on Earth. I had dropped out of my engineering courses by week two. After hanging out with my floormates all night in the fire escape, I would go to bed still feeling dizzy and lonely. Then
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