Drinking is a responsibility

The beginning of every academic year, specifically residence-hall move-in weekend, commonly results in an uptick in alcohol-related-illness incidents for students returning to campus. Although the campus has taken appropriate steps to attempt to curb this trend, the responsibility ultimately falls on students to take care of themselves and each other.
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How college sports drag us down

Two Steps Forward

“Sports” are evil. They’re evil for making corporate tools out of extremely talented people. They’re evil for perpetuating the useless, stagnant habits of overconsumption and laziness. They’re evil for turning universities’ athletic directors into groveling ad addicts. But most of all, they’re evil for taking the beautiful facet of human experience that is athleticism, turning it into a whorehouse for rich advertisers to take their pick of the choicest bodies. You don’t have to support this corruption.
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Things to do this weekend instead of partying

It’s a beautiful night, and you’re looking for something fun to do. If you’re tired of getting drunk at the same old frat parties, don’t worry — the Clog has got you covered. Here are some activities you can do in the weekend besides going out to drink: 1. Climb
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Safe drinking, safe Berkeley

At the core of every “party safe” measure, every responsible drinking workshop and every AlcoholEdu-style Internet education tool, there lies a fundamental rationalization — college students are going to drink. UC Berkeley has developed a lot of policies and has encouraged behaviors to minimize the impact of this drinking culture,
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Let’s talk about consent, again

Sex on Tuesday

I’d like to start off this semester’s column by revisiting consent, given how many people feel they have had their consent violated in the past. For the most part, I’ll wager that whoever violated their consent wasn’t some demonic-eyed, evil rapist
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Parents’ attitude at the root of student alcohol abuse

This year’s Welcome Week resulted in eight students being sent to the hospital within one night. Such serious consequences of student’s irresponsible behavior showcase the unfortunate state of drinking culture in America today. Although there have been various proposals recently for how to curb the rise in alcohol-related accidents, few
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Fixing a drinking problem

CAMPUS ISSUES: The campus community cannot let alcohol hospitalizations define our campus — we must find solutions and work together.

The eight hospital visits in one night prompted by extreme alcohol consumption during this year’s Welcome Week are a sobering reminder of the pervasive “binge-drinking” culture that affects college students nationwide. Six of the eight cases reported by UCPD between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. last Monday originated from university
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Check your intake at the front door

Be responsible about alcohol consumption in the residence halls

For Halloween, I was a Cal track and field champion — not because I went out that night clad in blue and gold short shorts, wristbands and running shoes but because for one night, I had to nearly break the Cal long jump record — on several occasions — just
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Legends of the hidden temple

Man Under Bridge

I’ve had my desk since I was in the third grade. It’s seen me through all sorts of things: calculus and Jacques Lacan, puka shells and straightened hair, the death of my cat Milton and the ensuing existential crisis. As desks go, its surface is pretty plain — a natural
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