What I learned driving from Northern CA to Southern CA

Photo of Pacific Coast Highway
Mike McBey/Creative Commons

Over the weekend, I drove from my Central Valley town to sunny southern California. I knew it was going to be an experience because I was going to be alone and it was my first time driving there. Did everything go according to plan? No. Was it a turbulent time? Yes. I want to impart some wisdom from my 300-mile, five-hourlong drive to anyone planning to make a cross-state trip.
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Car talk

Love in Conversation

We’ve both had times when a car ride has been a catalyst for connection or an important milestone in a relationship.
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Riding with DACA

Document This

It’s 2011. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program doesn’t exist yet, so I have no access to a driver’s license or the right to own a vehicle.
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Daring to drive toward independence

Off the Beat

My dad has always told me growing up, “Only worry about what you can control.” I don’t have a car to control anymore. And I sure can’t control the world around me right now. All I can control is myself.
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