The unending car struggles of Berkeley residents

Dear city of Berkeley, You are eclectic, historic, beautiful, enriching and unique, but you thoroughly suck when it comes to cars, parking and personal transportation. For that and other reasons, we are constantly in a love-hate relationship with you, our home. It is a well-known fact that parking is difficult
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Banking goodwill

Broke in Berkeley

“BART’s going on strike.” I got the news first from Twitter. “Well, we’re screwed,” my roommate said. His boyfriend piped up reassuringly. “We can make it work. We need to make a plan.” My tribe of roommates sat down last week to figure out a strategy. Our apartment is in
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Having a car in Berkeley: social currency or burden?

During CalSO, we were told that we wouldn’t need a car in Berkeley. What the counselors didn’t mention was the convenience and freedom that we were potentially sacrificing, like how it easily takes double the time to get some place via bus, how you’re limited in how many groceries you
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