Interview: Dee Dussault, Ganja Yoga Founder

Dee Dussault is alive. From the first breath of her unconventional practices of ganja, clothes-free and sexual awakening yoga, one cannot help but be intrigued. Exploring her website, which explains her self-anointed title of sex educator, relationship coach, certified hatha yoga instructor and tantra practitioner, is more like a psychedelic
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Project serves at-risk Mexican youth

The first thoughts that came to mind were, “What if I get lost in the woods during a hike and I get eaten by wolves? Or what if they make us shower in groups and there’s no stalls or curtains?!” My fifth-grade teacher had chosen the top four students in
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Kids, drugs are bad, m’kay

Loyal Opposition

Drugs are bad. They make you do horrible things, such as feel too much, or make you wonder where your hands went or convince you that you absolutely must have Bongo Burger now — you might die otherwise. They are responsible for many of the deep-seated problems in our society,
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Psychedelic Science

Recreational drug users and academics join in conference

This past weekend, the Psychedelic Science 2013 Conference, co-hosted by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), took over two floors of the Oakland Marriott City Center, with attendees spilling into bars and waiting areas. Though the illicit thrill of psychedelics (written in rainbow letters on the conference bric-a-brac) was
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Study drugs: magic or medicine?

We’ve all heard of the so-called epidemic of “study drug” abuse in this country. A black market of these pharmaceuticals, used illegally by individuals chasing higher test scores or just a recreational high, has made its way into educational and professional institutions alike.
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