Travel Tuesday: Berkeley’s unlikely oasis

It was during one of those sweltering September heat waves that the Clog discovered the magic of Lake Anza. You know, those scorching weeks that make you doubt everything you’ve learned about Berkeley? Like, if the specific heat of water is so high, why isn’t the bay cooling you down?
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Travel Tuesday: the best view in Berkeley

As we slip into the ominous depths of midterm season and paper deadlines, it’s easy to spend our college hours slouching at a desk in Doe, scurrying from class to class or nestling under warm covers at the end of a demanding day. And even when we manage to scrape
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Best places to study during finals week

Dwinelle Hall If it’s 10 p.m. and you’ve already wasted an hour trying to find a seat at Gardner Main Stacks and Moffitt Library, try Dwinelle Hall. Although there are no official library hours for Dwinelle Hall posted on the UC Berkeley website, there are many open classrooms that can
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New multimedia suite comes to Dwinelle Hall

UC Berkeley faculty members looking to channel their inner Walter Cronkite can now use the new Multimedia Production Suite, located in Dwinelle Hall, to record lectures and attend virtual conferences as part of the university’s foray into online education.

Fire breaks out in trash can in Dwinelle Hall bathroom

A fire broke out in a men’s bathroom in Dwinelle Hall at UC Berkeley Monday evening, forcing about 100 students to evacuate the building. According to UCPD officer William Kasiske, UCPD and the Berkeley Fire Department arrived just minutes after the fire broke out in a bathroom trashcan on Level
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Some campus classrooms undergo changes for learning experiment

One of several UC Berkeley classrooms that are being converted into active learning classrooms, which would serve as “test kitchens” to try out new tools and techniques in classes, was completed last week and will now be available for use in the fall semester. The project to transform two classrooms
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