Big fish in a small pond

Open Season

They’ve used this knowledge as a tool to force franchises to accommodate their demands whether they like it or not. It’s undeniable that in a sport in which one player can change the entire trajectory of a franchise, they hold tremendous amounts of leverage.
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James comes full circle

Sports with Sophie

When LeBron James and his cohort of newly minted activists delivered their speech at the ESPY’s this past summer, James said it was “time to look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves what we are doing to create change.” He said, “Most importantly, (we need to) go back to
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Golden State Warriors: From heroes to villains

On June 19, 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers accomplished the improbable by erasing a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals, presenting Cleveland with its first professional sports championship since 1964. On that same night,  there stood a Golden State Warriors team and its fanbase distraught after blowing a 3-1 lead in
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The new generation

I had to re-read the essay question multiple times. The first time, I didn’t fully process what the words said. The second time I had no idea what stance I would take. By the time I had read it a third time, I had wasted five of the precious 35
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NBA Top 25: 25-23

We of The Daily Californian sports staff have created here our official ranking of the greatest 25 basketball players to ever do it. This list was compiled democratically, with every member on staff concocting their very own top 25 list. We ran the numbers, and after assigning point values to
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Better late than never

Because of my Latino family’s religious-like devotion to soccer, I grew up with an indifferent perspective toward basketball. My lack of interest in the sport continued throughout my teenage years because I was terrible on the court: I couldn’t shoot if my life depended on it, I dribbled as if
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