san andreas: A poem

Nishali Naik/Staff

Tonight is a beautiful night to open old wounds. Re-examine the scars that have long since healed — barely visible, but still there, old haunts. They permeate like fault lines, quiet and unassuming until they’re not. Until one wrong move, one shift of the tectonic plates deep inside you, shakes
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Found Poems: You’ve got mail edition

Every day, we look forward to opening our emails and immediately, with relish, deleting the email from Chancellor Dirks that inevitably shows up in our inbox. Well, we at the Clog delved deep into the abyss of our junk mail to transform the already beautifully eloquent words of our dear chancellor
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Ways to prepare for an earthquake in Berkeley

Given the recent earthquakes quaking and shaking the Bay Area, it is especially important to remember some earthquake-preparedness and safety tips and to know what to do in case of an earthquake (we’re looking at you, out-of-state students). There is no need to fret though, because UC Berkeley and FEMA
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