‘Neighbors helping neighbors’: Berkeley organizations help during holidays

Photo of the Berkeley Police Department toy drive in 2020
Veronica Rodrigues/Courtesy
Several city organizations — including the Berkeley Food Pantry, Dorothy Day House, Berkeley Police Department and the Berkeley Holiday Fund — are working on assisting individuals in need amid the holiday season.

Institutions from around the city of Berkeley are providing assistance to those in need this holiday season — filling hearts, minds and stomachs.
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Where are all the women?

Off the Beat

Newsroom diversity (in every sense of the word) is paramount not only to quality — fair and thorough sourcing and reporting — but also a sense of belonging.
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‘Extra, extra’: Bay Area newspapers are suffering and need residents’ help

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: As more and more hedge funds are purchasing newspapers to make a quick buck, it’s on the community to help save local journalism

When faceless hedge funds take over local newspapers and impose drastic staffing cuts, employed reporters aren’t the only ones who suffer — the community does too. Without more active financial support for local publications, residents will be forced to see the quality of their news coverage decrease significantly.
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