Councilmember Cheryl Davila alleges election ‘shenanigans’ during Berkeley City Council meeting

Photo of Councilmember Cheryl Davila District 2 in October 2019
Vanessa Lim/Staff
Berkeley City Councilmember Cheryl Davila, who is currently behind candidate Terry Taplin in the District 2 City Council race, alleged that other members of City Council had executed a collaborative effort to undermine her reelection campaign. In a recent post-election interview, Davila also alleged the occurrence of 'sabotage' in her reelection efforts.

Tensions mounted during Berkeley City Council’s first regular meeting Tuesday following the Nov. 3 elections as Councilmember Cheryl Davila made allegations about a coordinated effort to hurt her chances of reelection.
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Where are all the women?

Off the Beat

Newsroom diversity (in every sense of the word) is paramount not only to quality — fair and thorough sourcing and reporting — but also a sense of belonging.
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‘Extra, extra’: Bay Area newspapers are suffering and need residents’ help

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: As more and more hedge funds are purchasing newspapers to make a quick buck, it’s on the community to help save local journalism

When faceless hedge funds take over local newspapers and impose drastic staffing cuts, employed reporters aren’t the only ones who suffer — the community does too. Without more active financial support for local publications, residents will be forced to see the quality of their news coverage decrease significantly.
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Local Berkeley establishments targeted by animal rights activists

After weeks of protests by animal rights activist group Direct Action Everywhere, or DXE, since April, The Local Butcher Shop on Shattuck Avenue ceded to demands of DXE protesters, namely by posting a sign on the business’s window reading, “Attention: Animals’ lives are their right. Killing them is violent and unjust, no matter how it’s done.”
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