‘Bridge these worlds’: Berkeley Law pro bono project investigates artistic repression

photo of annabelle wilmott
Chad Cover/Courtesy
Berkeley Law student Annabelle Wilmott launched a project aimed at overcoming artist repression in collaboration with three other students.

Inspired by the intensified repression of artistic freedom in Eastern Europe, Berkeley Law student Annabelle Wilmott launched pro bono project Arts and Innovation Representation, or AIR, to increase safeguards for international artists and allow law students to investigate foreign artistic repression.  
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Pit Stop in Prague

Dedicating only two and a half days in a major European city can’t be recommended, but when you’re an ambitious student on a budget with a desire to see as much as possible in the shortest amount of time, sometimes it’s the only option. Oftentimes, events arise that you weren’t expecting;
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Iced coffee in Croatia

“In the mornings, we do not do the cold coffee,” Mateja explains to me in the tiny kitchen as I pour an inch of hot water over the instant coffee and sugar in my mug, add cold milk to it and then push it to the back of the fridge
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