Wal-Mart, your workers have a problem

Newsworthy factory disasters have not swayed consumer opinions

Although there have been thousands of preventable casualties in garment factory incidents of the developing world, many are still unconcerned with the unsafe working conditions multibillion-dollar companies provide. But is safety the responsibility of the major corporations that hire subcontractors, or is safety the responsibility of government, which creates policy
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Save the people lost in the statistics

Focus less on speeding economy up and more on serving underemployed

Mr. President, congratulations. Be you Mr. Obama, Mr. Romney or even as of this writing undetermined, you have a busy and difficult term to look forward to. This will not be an average presidency, and the choices you make over the next four years will have great influence on the
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Letter: We must become a merit-based society

A recently-published Associated Press article hinted that Cal may be headed back to the dark ages of race-based admissions. The citizens need to speak loudly and firmly against any such maneuver by the forces who seek to return to such monumentally stupid and misguided policies. “Diversity” adds no value. We
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On cuts, fees and priorities

Given Insight

Maybe you’ve heard it shrieked from a protester’s megaphone as you cross Sproul Plaza. Maybe you’ve seen it chalked on building as you walk to class. Regardless of the method of communication, you’ve likely come across the catchphrase sometime in the course of your Berkeley education: “No cuts, no fees,
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Bay Area leads state in job growth

Although economic development and employment growth remain stagnant in the United States, several regions in California, including the Bay Area, are rising above the nation’s daunting statistics. According to economists at the UCLA Anderson Forecast, the Bay Area has been adding jobs this year at a faster rate than California
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