Vaccination pop-up at Ed Roberts Campus prioritizes accessibility

Photo of Ed Roberts Campus
Momoka Sasaki/File
A temporary vaccination site was hosted at the Ed Roberts Campus from Feb. 22 to 26 to provide further aid for Berkeley community members. The mobile vaccine clinic distributed about 280 vaccines to individuals at the Center for Independent Living.

In an effort to provide aid to Berkeley community members unable to receive vaccine doses from mass vaccination sites, a mobile vaccine clinic was hosted last week at the Ed Roberts Campus, or ERC, for eligible groups to receive their first doses of the Pfizer vaccine.
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Mayor Tom Bates to retire from position after 14 years in office

After 14 years as mayor of Berkeley — the longest tenure in the city’s history — and 38 years of public office, Tom Bates, age 78, has decided to retire. It marks the end of a long career of public service that was punctuated with significant accomplishments that benefited many, from people with disabilities to Berkeley youth to local breweries and sports fanatics.
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The Substantive Impact of Universal Design

If you stare at the periodic table long enough, you find your element — a scientifically natural state of comfort, ease and exemplarity. Your math lecture, her running track, his art studio, the blue denim chair in which I sit as I write — all elements of a periodic peoplehood,
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