An illustration of columnist Annalise Kamegawa.

Annalise: A friend of surrealist scenes

At This Point

All you can really do is sit in the darkness of her room, comb through her hair with your hands and hope that the Frida Kahlo cross on her wall that’s dangling from a thumbtack doesn’t come crashing down.
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Tunesday: Songs That Make a Scene

In case your summer media indulgence has taken a dip, Tunesday will help you get right back on track. This week’s playlist takes iconic scenes from movies that simply would not be the same without the musical overlay. Therefore it is not only a collection of notable tracks but also
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Playlist of the week: songs for a rainy day

If you are in or around Berkeley, you may have noticed that it’s been raining — a lot. Even though it’s summertime, nothing beats a cozy day in with tea, something to read and the perfect soothing rainy-day soundtrack. Here are 14 songs that we guarantee will make you cross
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