Writing for no audience

Since I began working at The Daily Californian as an editor five semesters ago, I’ve come to redefine the meaning of that fateful book as characterizing my love for stories — and for finding the right words to tell mine in.
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Editor’s Note: Valentine’s Day 2019

Whether you’re deeply committed to a lifelong relationship or you’re still trying to decipher every single thing your crush has ever done to figure out if they like you back or not, or you’re just in it for the candy and the capitalism, we at the Clog are here to make your Valentine’s Day all you’ve ever dreamed of.
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2 columnists walk into Yogurt Park

All Growns Up

I thought I had maybe written a column, but Olivia was the person who convinced me I actually had. She helped me see that what I had written wasn’t just a scrappy collection of silly memories, but something personal and cohesive.
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