Teachers need to embrace reform

The Political Circus

When we think of the big special-interest groups that wield undue influence in Sacramento, we think of huge corporations — oil, gas, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies. We think of corporate lawyers lobbying for tax breaks and loopholes; we think of fat cats calling legislators they have under their thumbs. But
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Changes to the SAT fall short

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The revamped SAT test will better reflect what students learn in school, but test scores will still depend upon family income.

While the changes are an improvement over the current format in more accurately reflecting students’ college preparedness, thorough test prep will still give some an unfair advantage, meaning students’ scores will continue to depend largely on their parents’ incomes.
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Creativity: the problem and 26 solutions

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” This is what author, speaker and educationalist Ken Robinson said in his 2006 TED talk on “How school kills creativity,” and it is a message that stuck with us. It seems like as we grow up, we grow
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