What my gap years taught me

An illustration of college graduates throwing their graduation caps into the air
Irene Chen/File

I think the concept of gap years is brilliant, it allows students everywhere to take a necessary breather and decompress from what they have come to perceive as the obligation of education and come to appreciate what education actually ought to be- a privilege and a joy.
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Learning to unlearn

Hopping the Pond

I’m an only child with two lesbian mothers, but I attended a boys’ school for most of my life. From as early as I can remember, school was a male space and the home was a female space.
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Illustration of a man juggling many things

Mayor Jesse Arreguín shares policy priorities and challenges

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín spoke on housing, the People’s Park development project, education reform and more in conversation with The Daily Californian.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín was overwhelmingly voted in to his second term in office, and while The Daily Californian endorsed him in 2020, nobody is perfect.
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