Deworming children in sub-Saharan Africa produces long-term benefits, study finds

Photo of team helping to deworm children
Sylvie Moulin/Courtesy
Researchers found that children in Kenya who received more deworming treatment earned an hourly wage 13% higher than those who received less deworming treatment, and they were more likely as adults to work in nonagricultural fields and live in urban areas.

A study led by UC Berkeley researchers and published Aug. 3 found that deworming children in sub-Saharan Africa produces long-term benefits in adulthood.
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5 UC Berkeley faculty honored with teaching award

Five UC Berkeley faculty members were awarded the campus’s 2012 Distinguished Teaching Award this week. The campus division of the Academic Senate’s Committee on Teaching presents the cash award annually to campus faculty who rise “above and beyond the individual fine class to a sustained performance of excellence,” according to
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