Is gentrification necessarily a bad thing?

Several blog posts have already been made in response to The Daily Californian’s recent piece, “Breeding the tech elite.” Generally, these responses attacked the article’s author, Libby Rainey, for drawing on and perpetuating stereotypes of “techies” as snobbish, unkempt and socially unaware. And verily, Rainey’s drawing on these stereotypes has
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Breeding the tech elite

In a time of growing uneasiness between local residents and tech employees within the Bay Area, UC Berkeley students are increasingly drawn to the riches of Silicon Valley

Earlier this week, I found myself at a Facebook recruitment meeting in Dwinelle Hall, filing into a lecture hall with other undergraduates gathered eagerly at the prospect of working for one of the Silicon Valley’s most lucrative companies. As tech hopefuls lined up, resumes in hand, to talk with recruiters,
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Gender disparity in EECS persists

Despite UC Berkeley’s electrical engineering and computer sciences major’s status as one of the world’s most prestigious STEM programs, only 12.4 percent of students in the EECS major at UC Berkeley are female, according to the fall 2013 department census. This is representative of the larger gender disparity in the
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Are you stalkable? Berkeley app lets you find out

Your parents have probably already lectured you about always being on “the Facebook” (or, if they’re really confused, MyFace). Or you have the other extreme, and your parents literally “like” everything you post (Stop commenting on my friends’ pictures, Mom!). Well, it turns out that there actually is reason to
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Berkeley student engineers success

Software developer and EECS student Michael Bao makes a name for himself in video games

Michael Bao’s friends call him Mikey, and on the weekends, they all play Mario games on the Wii. Bao, a second-year EECS major at Cal, is known for not being particularly good at Super Mario Bros. — but when it comes to making games, Bao’s friends turn to him for
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