Slay, Muslims!

Stories from the Outside

My brother still wasn’t back with our sheep, but I had to tweet this as early as possible. The devil works hard, but Islamophobes work harder. And I was right.
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Retraction: The anatomy of a name

Mixed Feelings

And while my dad couldn’t control the balance of my facial features, he did give me the one concrete thing he could — his mother’s name, Hafsa, and his family name, Tatah. He gave them to me so I was always aware of the family I was a part of and had something to show for it.
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What to keep in mind before Ramadan ends

This year, July marked the start of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting and worship. Today is the last day of fasting in Berkeley, which means tomorrow will be Eid, the holiday that celebrates the end of Ramadan. With the end in sight, the Clog thinks there are things
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