Interpreting Berkeley’s weather

Winky Wong/File

Does anyone else ever notice that the weather forecasts for Berkeley never really seem to reflect any truth? The forecast will say that it’s 54 degrees and cloudy so you wear a cozy winter-y outfit. Then, as you’re walking through a sunny part of campus, you think to yourself that you would have been
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Rainy day activities

The end of the glorious days of winter break can be disappointing, and it seems like the weather is echoing our melancholy. If looking at your weather app and seeing rain clouds for almost every day of week makes you wish you could hibernate through spring semester or the end
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Remarks on the rain

Yesterday, while students were either recovering from the Halloween weekend or cramming for midterms at Caffe Strada, a peculiar sound was heard throughout Berkeley: rain. This year, it’s predicted that northern California will get more rain than usual because of El Nino, a climate phenomenon that typically occurs every seven
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