A line of people walking uphill with a girl carrying a backpack running among them

Home all along: A short story

Dedicated to my mother. Felíz cumpleaños mamí, te amo mucho. Brown paper bag secured under her arm, oversized backpack bouncing on her back and hair in a bun, Claudia made her way up the hill to take the bus to school. Today was the first day of class, but it
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Best ethnic eats on University Avenue

If you’ve been meaning to venture out of your cuisine comfort zone, Berkeley is just the place to do it. Unbeknownst to many, there a quite a few restaurants that will satisfy your international culinary cravings found along a stretch of our very own University Avenue in Downtown Berkeley. Whether you want to try Indonesian, Salvadoran, Southern Indian or Brazilian food, this street has got you covered. Here’s a quick guide to a few of our favorites.
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