Prop. 16 to reinstate affirmative action in state universities, employment if passed

Photo of students walking on UC Berkeley campus
Sunny Shen/File
If passed by California voters this November, Proposition 16 will repeal Prop. 209 and allow state institutions, including public universities and state employment, to enact affirmative action in their decision-making processes.

This November, California residents will vote on Proposition 16, a proposition that would overturn the earlier Prop. 209, which outlawed the use of race- and sex-based affirmative action in public institutions, including state employment and public universities.
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Vote to uphold UC Berkeley’s free speech legacy

Will UC Berkeley students go to the polls today?   The vast majority probably will not, if a recent poll by the Public Religion Research Institute and The Atlantic on young adult voting patterns holds true for this campus. Only 28 percent of those polled were “absolutely certain” that they
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Exciting facts about Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine has been accused of being an uninteresting choice from the moment she introduced him. We mean this literally — people are accusing Tim Kaine of being extremely boring. While many speculate that this was part of the reason for Kaine’s nomination or suggest that
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Polling Data: Proposition 30

Take a look at how different segments of California view Proposition 30, according to the most recent Field Poll released Nov 1. Prop. 30, crafted by Gov. Jerry Brown, would raise the income tax on the wealthiest Californians and raise the sales tax by a quarter percentage point. If voters
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A vote for democracy

STATE ISSUES: We support a California bill that would allow voter registration on Election Day, benefiting students and the state as a whole.

Even in the 2008 election, which had the highest percentage turnout in decades, more than one-third of the country’s 18-and-over population did not vote. Assembly Bill 1436, which would allow California voter registration on Election Day, probably would not make a huge dent in that statistic.
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