If music be the food of lively theater, Shotgun’s ‘Twelfth Night’ feeds a mouthful

Shotgun Players/Courtesy

How does a theater revive a widely performed 400-year-old play from the most prolific and renown playwright of all time? With the artful genius of a Bay Area ensemble that specializes in said playwright’s work: Shakedown. After losing their production backing, Shakedown’s musical reinvention of William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” ran
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Double the delight in Cal Shakes’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’

To the modern theatergoer, an audience’s behavior in Elizabethan England might seem unruly, if not outright indecent. At the Globe Theatre in London, Shakespeare’s plays were performed for thousands of spectators who would flood the grounds and jostle into the pit, a standing-room yard adjacent to the stage where the
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