BART to transition to near pre-pandemic service Aug. 2

Photo of BART train
Kaitlan Tseng/File
On Thursday, BART announced that it would be returning to near pre-pandemic services Aug. 2. The original date of return had been Aug. 30.

Following California’s complete economic reopening and the state’s move beyond COVID-19 restrictions, BART announced Thursday that it would be returning to near pre-pandemic services on Aug. 2 —a change from its original Aug. 30 transition date.
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The happiest place on earth

Disneyland and Berkeley may not seem like they have too much in common on the surface level. One is filled with countless tourists, rides and endless fun rides while the other is filled with, well, none of that. Despite your understandable doubts and misgivings, let us enlighten you with the numerous similarities that Berkeley and the “happiest place on earth” share.
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BART adventures: Embarcadero

We often forget that Berkeley is but a short hop, skip and jump from one of the largest cultural meccas in the United States — San Francisco. The easiest way to travel there for most UC Berkeley students is taking BART, so we at the Clog have decided to find fun
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