Students adjust to smaller spaces in Hearst Gym

Michael Tao/Staff
The Hearst Gym, located on the south side of campus on Bancroft Way at Bowditch Street, now houses the Publication Center along with many student groups who used to have offices in Eshleman Hall.

Last week, campus organizations finished settling into their temporary quarters after months of moving out of Eshleman Hall, marking another step toward planned renovation of Lower Sproul Plaza. Student groups began moving to Hearst Gymnasium in the spring — a transition that has left many student groups with substantially less
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ASUC meeting devolves into partisan conflict

Wednesday’s ASUC Senate meeting dissolved into a discussion of party divisions and deficient communication after debate on a standard finance bill sparked controversy among senators. SB 19 planned to allot funds from the Contingency Fund — a procedure the ASUC Senate routinely goes through — to the campus group Volunteers
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Student Action dominates ASUC elections

Party wins four partisan executive seats, claims majority in the senate

The party makeup of next year’s ASUC Senate and executive offices was revealed to be identical to that of the current year when the 2012 ASUC general election results were announced Thursday evening. The Student Action slate once again swept all partisan executive positions and maintained its senate majority, despite
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