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A Modern Feminist?

The internalized misogyny causing women to socially cannibalize each other is deep-rooted and prevalent that it’s even present within feminist communities.
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Making the cut: bold hair at Cal

Here at Berkeley, it’s hardly a surprise to see a girl with a rainbow mohawk among your classmates. Or a guy rocking a gelled-up “Macklemore” cut. Or a head adorned with dreads lounging on Memorial Glade. As we constantly shift among majors, living situations, friend groups and activities at Cal,
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Our Signing Day Wish List

For the vast majority of sports teams, there’s always a definitive point in the season at which their fans allow their thoughts to stray towards the possibility of “next year.” Yes, for the disgruntled sports fan, irritated and beleaguered by supporting perennial bottom-feeders and cellar-dwellers, avoiding the agony of the
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Hallowed End

It all began on a quiet, foggy evening in front of Number 4, Privet Drive. A curious-looking man with a long, scraggly beard and half-moon spectacles stepped before the scene. His hat, pointy. His demeanor, warm and kind. 10 years ago, this was the image that brought the enchanting world
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