Where has the time gone?

What terrifies me most as the reality of adulthood grows near is not the choice I made to pursue a life in writing, but rather the notion that it now may be too late to do something different.
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The devil is in the rewrites

Now and Again

The story of my first play was a story of blind overconfidence, and the story of my second play was a story of editing and hopeless second-guessing.
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Recognizing major distress

Now, I’m so disinterested in reading that my distracted ears can hear one of my housemates sneeze from across the house through four closed doors, and I’ll convince myself that it is completely necessary to get up and bless them. I will go to the kitchen to refill my water bottle after every sip because it must be absolutely full.
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This column is important

Champagne Problems

Many guides to writing will offer this writer’s truism: “Write what you know.” Usually, I completely disagree. The power of a writer’s imagination enables them to write good fiction based on experiences they have not lived and to give life on the page to people they have never met. Some
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